Art Advisors In The New Economy

Art Advisors In The New Economy


I am frequently asked by my Appraisal clients to help them sell their artwork and I work regularly with other dealers and auction houses to help facilitate this process.  I also assist my clients with the purchase of individual pieces or entire collections of art, working closely with Art Galleries, private dealers and artist studios, and technically, this means I also work as an Art Advisor.

Recently, there was a very interesting article in the New York Times about the increase in Art Advisors working with Galleries and High Net Worth Collectors to help navigate and negotiate within the increasingly complex international art market.

Collectors and Artists are often confused about the role of Art Advisors and how to work with them, and at this point, there is no governing body regulating ethics or fee schedules for Art Advisors.  The art market is notoriously secretive about prices and availability of works, creating a sense of urgency to be the one to collect this important artist, or at least be on the “list” to have first rights of purchase on a new work of art.  Art Advisors can provide that access, as well as help to negotiate the prices/commissions on works.  As Art Advisors, we are the bridge between the collector and the gallery, and that is an important distinction in this highly competitive and selective, private world of the Art Market.  Art Advisors are not Gallerists or private dealers and they represent the needs and interests of the art collector and not the artist.

When you purchase a car, you can do the research and determine the Fair Market Value of the car very easily, often even seeing how much the dealer paid for the car in order to help negotiate the price.  The same holds true for the housing market.  The Art Market is still a very insider oriented market, which favors the ones with the right connections.  Art Advisors provide that vital connection.  They are the bridge between the buyers and the sellers  with the knowledge, experience and subtle confidentiality to make important transactions happen in a discreet, efficient and validated way to ensure the very important aspect of Provenance to the art collecting experience.