Contemporary abstract painter Amy Royce is an artist embracing the ancient art of encaustic painting as well as new mediums, while continually striving for new ways to express herself with her art. Her work is luminous and colorful using layers upon layers of fused wax to create abstract portraits of the physical form and patterns of movement. “My art is a study of self identity using my language to explore universal ideas of communication, awareness and the emotional filtering which influences our perceptions of every interaction” says the artist.

The encaustic medium is an ancient art form from Greco Roman Egypt (circa 100 BC to A.D. 200). Some of these original works have been discovered intact many centuries later and artists are again rediscovering different ways of using beeswax and damar resins in contemporary ways.

Her work is very much influenced by the human figure, and she loves observing and drawing people, wondering what stories are beneath the surface of someone’s expressions and gestures that they develop throughout their lives.  Her latest series is involved with distilling movements that are rooted in the shapes of the structures and movements to electrical impulses and cell patterns, but the viewer can take in the abstract shapes and colors and interpret them for themselves.

Amy felt compelled to pursue art as a career because it never felt like a choice, and derives deep satisfaction from it. Taking risks and relinquishing control through her art and going deep into her personal expression is a highly personal part of her process, describing her works as self-portraits. Like most artists, Amy finds the marketing and business aspect of being an artist sometimes challenging, but she remains very active within her local arts community and stays current with what is happening in the larger art world.  She was recently awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado.

Always experimenting with different art mediums and forms, Amy is drawn to three-dimensional form and would like to pursue sculpture as part of her art.  Travel and dancing / movement have both been very influential in her work as an artist, and is evident within her work. When asked what other career she could see herself doing, she replied “I love the life sciences, so I could see myself doing fieldwork in ecology or biology of some kind. I think the balance between left and right brain activities is important and I crave that balance. That’s why I choose typically more technically challenging mediums and find myself drawn to anatomy and movement. If I had musical talent I think it would be fantastic to be a singer or musician.”

Her advice to art students in college now would be to ask for more help from mentors and teachers who understand you and your art direction, and not to waste time with people who tell you that a career in art is fruitless. She says not to be afraid to take risks but arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible, and keep focused on your art and talk to many people about the realities of what it takes to get your art on the market so you can support yourself.

To see more work by Amy Royce:
Represented by Ozone Fine Art, Newport, OR