For individuals looking for a Fair Market Value on their artwork for resale purposes, our Informal Email Resale Valuation provides a researched valuation without a formal report. This is not to be used for insurance coverage, or IRS Charitable Contribution Appraisals or IRS Estate Tax Appraisals. This is an informal, resale valuation intended for the client to know the current Fair Market Value of their artwork. This is not a formal written report and can not be used for any purpose requiring a formal written report. Fair Market Value is most typically the auction market. We offer a package price for clients with multiple items, please inquire


Appraisal Services Online Store

We offer some invaluable resources for individuals needing art appraisal services, from an informal, online art appraisal to a formal written appraisal, we can help with all of your appraisal and consulting needs. If you are not sure you need an appraisal, we recommend our EBOOK - ‘Do I Need An Art Appraisal’ - you can download this ebook instantly and I walk you through the questions and steps to help determine if your work needs to have a professional art appraisal. This EBOOK also has an extensive list of resources to help you sell your artwork online and through auctions. To purchase any of these services, please view our online store for Appraisal Services Online. If you are needing a formal written appraisal, please call us and we will help you get started.

Online Art Appraisal

Informal Resale Valuation.

What is my art worth? How do I sell it? This is a service offered for clients wanting the know what they have, the value of it if they sell it, and advice on how to sell and or where to sell it.

Please note: This is not a formal written appraisal and may not be used for intended purposes requiring a formal written appraisal, such as Insurance coverage, Charitable Contribution or Estate Tax. Please contact us for details if you require a formal written appraisal.

COMING SOON Do You Need an Art Appraisal?
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Available October 1, 2019. Pre-order now. Our expert guide on how to determine if your art is worth getting an appraisal. Professional Art Appraisals can cost a minimum of $600 and up depending on how many items you are getting appraised. Most people who simply want to know what they have and if they should donate it, sell it or keep it, need some expert guidance on how to do some preliminary research on your fine art before you call an Art Appraiser. I have also compiled a list of resources to sell your work online or through some regional as well as national auction houses. If you need more guidance after this EBOOK, the next step would be to purchase the Online Appraisal for $150 or the Formal Written Appraisal for $600.